Robert Uhlemann

Robert Uhlemann

Specialist lawyer for family law and lawyer for administrative law in Dresden

Robert Uhlemann was born in 1977 in Werdau. He studied law at the Technical University of Dresden. After he passed his final university exams (German First State Examination) in 2003 he began work as a private tutor for a revision course („Jura Intensiv“) coaching students for law examinations.

In 2005 he founded the legal office „Lehmann & Uhlemann“ together with fellow lawyer Alexander Lehmann before they joined forces with lawyers Michael Sturm und Matthias Ketzer to form „ Sturm Rechtsanwälte“ in 2006.

He mainly deals with administration law, family law and law of succession as well as medical law in addition to general civil law. Besides his work as a lawyer and lecturer in public law Mr Uhlemann also works as a real estate surveyor.


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