Michael Sturm

Michael Sturm

Specialist in criminal law

Michael Sturm was born in Kaufbeuren. He studied law at the University of Frankfurt a. M. and Heidelberg. In 1991 he passed his final university exams (German First State Examination) with distinction. Following this he passed his bar examination (German Second State Examination) in 1994 and started work in a small law office in Dresden where he dealt mainly with traffic, labour and criminal law. He founded his own office in 1996. After a number of years experience he formed a new collaboration with 3 other colleagues and on 01/01/06 the „Sturm Rechtsanwälte“ legal office was opened.

Now he deals almost exclusively with criminal law focusing mainly on cases related to narcotics. To go into more detail he acts as a defence lawyer, particularly as appointed counsel. He also deals with international an European developments in criminal law and the procedural law therein. In 1998 he became one of the first lawyers in Saxony permitted to practice as a specialist in criminal law.

Mr Sturm is a member of the executive committee of the association of defence lawyers in Saxony/Saxony Anhalt, chairman of the working group of social-democratic jurists (ASJ) in Dresden, member of the ‘Dresdner Lawyer’s association’, where he participates in the criminal law working group.


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