STURM Rechtsanwälte Dresden

Matthias Ketzer


Matthias Ketzer was born in 1975 in Dresden. He studied law at the Technical University of Dresden. In 2000 he passed his final university exams (German First State Examination) with distinction. Following this he also passed his bar examination (German Second State Examination) with distinction. At first he worked for the „Sächsisches Landesamt für offene Vermögensfragen“. He dealt with legal questions related to the return of property confiscated by the Soviet occupying power or the authorities of the former GDR. Mr Ketzer has his Practising Certificate since August 2005. Starting as a self-employed lawyer, he later went on to join forces with Mr Sturm and 2 other colleagues, Mr Lehmann and Mr Uhlemann.

Now he mainly deals with forensic matters as well as matters of enforcement of sentences. Mr. Ketzer is a member of the association of defence lawyers in Saxony/Saxony Anhalt, and of the working group of social-democratic jurists (ASJ) in Dresden. Furthermore he is also actively involved in the education of trainee lawyers in the field of administration law in Dresden. To add to this he is active in the support association for the 55 th Mittelschule, a school in Dresden Plauen, as well as in the parish executive committee of the „Auferstehungsgemeinde Dresden Plauen“ and in the support association for youth work in the following parishes: Auferstehung (Dresden -Plauen), Paul Gerhardt (Coschütz- Gittersee) und Zion (Südvorstadt).









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